Sr. Josrita
    Sr. Virgin
Local Manager
Euphrasia Training College for women, Kattoor is a self -financing college of education for conducting B.Ed Course, which is affiliated to the University of Calicut and recognized by the NCTE. It is organized and managed by C.M.C. Udaya Province, Irinjalakuda a religious institute of pontifical right for women in the Syro Malabar Church.
The most important objective of the college is to contribute effectively towards the cause of women's education so as to make them partners in Indian socio-economic and religious traditions. This objective shall be obtained through persuit of academic excellence and training in moral integrity and social responsibility in a spirit of service to God and man. This temple of learning is open to all students without prejudice to caste and creed. The college is established to achieve its motto "Light and Life"
Governing body :-
Sr. Rosemary CMC – Mother Provincial
Sr. Deepthi CMC – Assistant Provincial Manager
Sr. Anjo CMC – Social Service
Sr. Marian CMC – Faith Formation
Sr. Benita CMC – Healing Ministry
Sr. Centola CMC – Local Manager
Registered address with Phone Number :-
Udaya CMC Educational society,
Reg.No. 212,
Irinjalakuda, Thrissur District,
Kerala, S.India, PIN :- 680 125
Phone :- 0091 – 480 – 2825371, 0091 – 480 – 2828617
Details of other Institutions Under our management :-
Regular College:-
Carmel college, Mala
Parallel Colleges:-
Lisieux College, Irinjalakuda
T.T.I (Teacher's Training Institutions):-
Lisieux Convent T.T.I
Industrial Training Centre:-
Thresian I.T.C,  Potta
Higher Secondary Schools :-
1.    Soccorso Convent Higher Secondary School, Mala
2.    Holy Child Convent Higher Secondary school, Snehagiri
3.    L.F.Convent Higher Secondary School, Irinjalakuda
4.    St.Anne's Convent Higher Secondary School, Edathiruthy
High Schools:-
1.    L.F Convent High School, Irinjalakuda
2.    St.Anne's Convent High School, Edathiruthy
3.    Holy Child Convent High School, Snehagiri
4.    Soccorso Convent High School, Mala
5.    St.Joseph's Convent High School, Anandapuram
Upper Primary Schools :-
1.    St.Anne's Convent U.P. School, Edathiruthy
2.    L.F Convent U.P.School, Irinjalakuda
3.    Holy child Convent U.P.School, Snehagiri
4.    St. Joseph's U.P. School, Anandapuram
5.    Lisieux Convent U.P.School,.Irinjalakuda
6.    St.George's Convent U.P.School, Kalloor
7.    St.Antony's Convent U.P.School, Elinjipra
8.    Soccorso Convent U.P.School,Mala
Lower Primary Schools :-
1.    L.F.Convent L.P.School, Irinjalakuda
2.    Lisieux Convent L.P. School, Irinjalakuda
3.    St.Anne's Convent L.P. School, Edathiruthy
4.    Soccorso Convent L.P. School, Mala
5.    Holy child Convent L.P. School, Snehagiri
6.    St.Joseph's Convent L.P. School, Anandapuram
7.    St.Antony's Convent L.P. School, Irinjalakuda
8.    St.George's Convent L.P. School, Kalloor
9.    St.Mary's Convent L.P. School, Cheloor
10.  Holy Angels Convent L.P. School, Vettilapara
11.  Little Flower L.P. School, Kumbidi
12.  St.John Baptist L.P. School, Pariyaram
13.  St.Joseph's L.P. School,Vynthala
14.  Avila L.P. School, Kodungalloor
15. St.Pauls L.P. School, Kannikara
Nursery Schools :-
1.    St.Joseph's Convent Nursery school, Anandapuram
2.    Holy Angels, Nursery school,  Aroormuzhy
3.    Jayamatha, Nursery school, Cheloor
4.    St.Ann's, Nursery school, Edathiruthy
5.    St.Joseph's Nursery school, Vynthala
6.    L.F. Nursery school, Irinjalakuda
7.    St.George's  Nursery school, Kalloor
8.    Lisieux  Nursery school, Irinjalakuda
9.    Holy Family Nursery school, Kattoor
10.  Fathima Nursery school,  Kottanelloor
11.  Sacred Heart Nursery school, Kuttikad
12.  Soccorsso Nursery school, Mala
13.  St.John Baptist Nursery school, Pariyaram
14.  Avila Nursery school, Kodungalloor
15.  Theresian  Convent Nursery school, Potta
16.  Holy child Convent Nursery school, Snehagiri
17.  St.Josephs Nursery school, Elinjipra
18.  Carmel Giri  Nursery school, Veeranchira
19.  St.Pauls Nursery school, Kannikkara